The names in this list are tied to the PedoGate scandal in various ways. Some through public advertising of known pedophile symbols, some are convicted pedophiles,
some have been photographed attending cultist rituals that revolve around pedophilia and/or cannibalism, such as Spirit Cooking and Bohemian Grove. We will be
writing articles on each name and providing information and evidence to support our claims. This will be a long process due to the length of the list and the amount of
research and writing it takes for each name. We will be updating this list regularly and will be posting articles within our 'PedoGate' category on our site as each
individual's articles are completed. An X will appear next to the individuals names once their article is posted.

Hollywood Names:

Seth Green
James Gunn
Dan Scheinder
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks X
Steven Colbert
Jimmy Kimmel
Ashton Kutcher
Kevin Spacey
Kathy Griffin
Oprah Winfrey
Shawn Carter
Beyonce Knowles
Anthony Kiedis
John Legend
Chrissy Teigen
Jim Carrey
Steven Tyler
Ben Affleck
Stephen Collins - X
Will Ferrell
Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)
Marshall Matthers III
Jeffrey Jones
Victor Salva
Marc Collins Rector
Charlie Sheen
Tyler Grasham
Madonna Ciccone
Katheryn Hudson
Gwen Stefani
Stefani Germanotta
James Franco
Will Smith
Justin Roiland
John Cusack
Demi Moore
Brian Affleck
Meryl Streep
Wanda Sykes
Chelsea Handler
Michelle Wolf
David Yarovesky
Pharrell Williams
Quentin Tarantino
Robert Downey Jr
Courtney Love
Alec Baldwin
Johnny Depp
Brian Warner
Asia Argento
Bill Maher

Political Names:
Joe Biden
John McCain
Bob Menendez
John Podesta
Tony Podesta
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Jeff Flake
Bob Corker
Jacob Schwartz
Ed Murray
Barney Frank
Brock Adams
Mel Reynolds
Neil Goldschmidt
David Wu
Tony Mendoza
Anthony Weiner
Peter Strzok
Adam Schiff
Charles Windsor
John Kerry
Joe Scarborough
Andrew Cuomo
Justin Trudeau
Brian Stelter
Jake Tapper
Chris Cuomo
Pope Francis
Bill Richardson
Peter Soros
Prince Andrew
Barack Obama
Anderson Cooper
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Keith Ellison