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The Land of Debris and Home of Depraved.
Hate Speech: Protecting the Haters and Taking (another) Dump on the First Amendment:
Mention an ‘alternative view’ in the face of the state-approved politically-correct religion of “tolerance” that has been dogmatically shoved down our throats for the last 30 years (increasing in intensity and fervor over the last 10 or so) and you immediately become aware of who the actual hate-mongers are. Branding you the equivalent of a heretic – the new priests of this religion – the self-righteous, hate-filled 'tolerant' homosexual activists attack with every kind of hate-speech name-calling imaginable. “Jesus-freak” “Bible-thumpers” “right-wing” “intolerant bigots”. Those that advocate the “tolerance” doctrine clearly tolerate only those that are like themselves. Peaceful protests and prayer walks by non-violent Christians turn nasty when the homosexuals attack. But they, the homosexuals have been deemed the ones in need of special privilege, special protection.
They tear their robes and gnash their teeth at any reference to the following facts:
Christians founded this country. People who believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible and who actively practiced the Christian faith were the ones who made America into the greatest country in the world. They created the institutions of this country. The Founding Fathers prayed before Congressional meetings (See/Click Pic. to Left), they worshipped Jesus Christ, and made innumerable references to the Christian God throughout the documents which our legal institutions were founded on as well as looked to The Bible as their authoritative guide-book in governing this country.

Tolerating the intolerable.
Surely mindless multitudes of Americans will despise this politically incorrect description of American Culture - and would surely spout off some pre-programmed state-approved response, borne of ignorance: “bigot”, “right-wing extremist”, “fundamentalist”, etc. as all good little indoctrinated global citizens. They do not see they have been duped into believing the lies that are bringing about our culture’s own destruction. They have been deceived by a propaganda machine that has systematically engineered the complete reversal of values in our culture, has successfully twisted the meanings of the documents authored by the countries founders to the opposite of their original intents. (e.g.: It is illegal to pray in school, an idea which would have been preposterous to the founders whose stated purpose in establishing the public school system was the propagation of the Christian gospel).

Disparaging anything that holds to a fixed morality and an objective value system based on divine/religious origin, they consider themselves more ‘enlightened’, more ‘open-minded’ – and they have fallen into the trap of becoming fools. They have replaced God with man thereby declaring themselves “free” from obligation to Him.

"Protect the Freaks and Perverts, Down with Normal People"
Accepting some twisted notion of fairness, we no longer uphold the constitutionally-designed democratic model of rule by the many, but rather elevate the status of the one lone mal-content, "minority", or pervert, granting them special privilege and greater rights over and against the will and rights of the majority.
In the name of “multi-culturalism” we demean and outlaw the exercise of the beliefs of millions of Americans and of our Founding Fathers – declaring them old-fashioned and irrelevant, and labeling as small-minded simpletons anyone who references these beliefs (though the opposite is the case). At the same time, we now allow full acceptance to “anything but American judeo-Christian” belief systems: Islam,New Age, Paganism, even the so-called Wiccan “religion” are all presented as "in", "chic", more progressive, and are allowed free expression and propagation. Dozens of books targeted to teenage girls on Witchcraft fill the shelves of the young readers section at Barnes and Noble and are featured reading at the many local libraries. Don’t think there is a conspiracy going on? You are fools. America deserves the judgment that is coming on it. To ignorantly believe it a “harmless phase", a natural step towards experimentation in forming ones identity and in developing “self-esteem” to teach girls how to worship the Devil. What idiocy has plagued us all.

Media, entertainment, pop music, big business have all done their part in the grand dismantling of our culture by conspiring together to promote a philosophy which esteems the “wildness” of youth culture, exalts the concept of individual “rights” devoid of responsibility, implicitly and explicitly encourages rebellion against all authority, portrays anyone over 30 (especially men) as uncool, out of touch, moronic, and those that stifle the impulse of ‘youth individuality”. Parental authority is despised as is notion of parenthood, even the concept of family as ‘traditionally’ defined. In practical and legal terms, increasingly parents have little power to raise their own kids against the prevailing 'norms' for fear of damaging their kids “self-esteem”, of inviting a resentful response, or worse, being accused of abuse and/or threatened with legal action.

Every teen alcoholic, nicotine, and drug addict undoubtedly took their first step down this dark path by accepting the ingrained idea: “It’s my right to do this – I’m free. Free, individualistic type of young people have fun. It’s fun to experiment with alcohol or drugs or ‘sexual expressions’ (like they do on TV or in pop music, or MTV etc.) and not be bound with standards which are for old-fashioned people”. Somewhere there’s a dark force laughing in a sinister way every time a young person is duped into this lie. That sinister force knows that in short time there will be another suicide, another drug-clinic patient, another victim of sexual disease, aborted baby, another young boy who goes off the deep end and commits a violent act, another ruined life, another victim of our societal lies - the same lies that our society and its institutions now cling proudly to in the name of American Freedom and Inviduality.

We Hold These Lies to Be Self-Evident
We see these lies held “valiantly” high on a banner – “Be Yourself”. This banner is flown by the media, by entertainment industry, by MTV, by big business. This is what (we are told) it means to be American: to throw off any standard or "stereotype" that someone or some organization (real or imagined) tries to impose on you by their "small-minded, old-fashioned" ideas about fixed morality and objective truth, and instead, freely allow full expression to any urge and impulse that you happen to have. Lying by the wayside, trampled under the feet of this generation, led by homosexual activists and the ACLU is the old banner which says “In God we Trust”. They loathe the old banner as do numerous other groups (defended by the ACLU) who live for the destruction of the America that used to be.

In that America, people used to know certain things. Despite the aforementioned propaganda and the rhetoric of revisionist “historians”, our ancestors were not small-minded bigots who spent all their time burning witches and repressing women. They knew something about life that we no longer know. The things they knew built this country into the greatest nation on earth. By discarding that knowledge we are quickly becoming a chaotic mass of ignorant, lost fools, claiming to be enlightened while refusing to accept that none of the answers offered by our humanist-based psychology, our technology, our medicine, our educational programs, anti-drug and 'safe-sex' campaigns, etc., are doing anything to save the culture from its downward spiral.

Our ancestors used to know, as millions of unrepresented citizens of this country still do, that there is a God who has given his law for all people to follow. To divert from that law is to invite inevitable destruction in the form of disease, emotional illness, disasters, and desperate, crazy people doing desperate crazy things (refer to any nightly news broadcast).
They knew that education is not the answer, if it is devoid of morality and a recognition of God and his law. What modern university students will never be taught is that virtually every one of the Universities founded in this nation were originally chartered for the stated purpose of teaching Biblical principles and to further the Christian gospel.

And the Founders obviously understood that individual freedom is not a license to do whatever one wants at any given moment or to believe whatever ‘reality’ one wishes to believe in, in order to justify ones current indulgences and life-style. But rather it is freedom in view of the fact of our fallen existence. To follow every impulse of our fallen nature is to become a slave to that nature and to bring destruction on ourselves and those around us. Truly enlightened people realize that God’s laws and standards of behavior are a necessisty in the world we live in - to bridle our own passions and desires which, if left unchecked, would and will destroy us.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation “ The Rape of America”
Who dares stand up and make the case that the America of today (raised under this new banner of Me-ism) is better off than 50 or even 30 years ago? Every measure of social ill has increased by exponential rates and in direct, measurable correlation to the wholesale discarding of “traditional values”. Violence, ruthless acts done by ruthless, deranged people, perverse, unthinkable crimes, are the nightly stories of cable “news-tainment” channels. We have more technology than ever before, more inventions, more psychologists, more medicine, more wealth, more of everything. And with all this we are at an all-time low in terms of our quality of life as measured by rates of suicide, drug addiction, divorce, emotional illness, alcoholism, etc. etc. etc. etc.

And those adherents of this so-called “tolerance” religion. Is this word truly descriptive of the character of the people that make up this generation? Rudeness rules the day, he who is the most out for himself is held in honor, as is the most freakish, the ones who push the limits of anything once considered ‘normal’ human behavior, decency, and morality. We hold up as role models the pop music, sports, or movie icon whose sexual activities, drug addictions, divorces, and criminal actions regularly fill the tabloids and tabloids in disguise, cable news networks.
This generation has taken to new heights (or lows) what the 60’s hippie culture began – a world-view advocating the complete gratification of Me, myself, and mine. Self-indulgence, materialism, vanity, and greed are the cornerstones of the new ‘tolerance’ culture. Those who live only for their own pleasure-gratification have no reason not to indulge every impulse, having no moral code to restrain. Why? It has been taken away – it has been systematically and ruthlessly disparaged as old-fashioned, small-minded, an unwanted vestige of a bygone era held by bigoted men who were “unenlightened”. No - the tolerance generation is tolerant only to those like themselves - only to those who advocate their worldview (see paragraph one).

But wait, there's more...
While our deluded culture believes it can define God into whatever image it seems convenient, the effects of this collective denial of His existence and His law continues to take its toll. Truth is only what you want it to be we are told. God can be whoever you choose him to be. They would declare themselves free from the law of gravity and walk off a cliff. Then they would hire a team of psychologists to come up with a new therapy to help people who choose to walk off cliffs on a regular basis, rather than recognize the obvious: there is an over-riding law which applies to every person that states if you walk off a cliff, you will fall and become a spot on the ground beneath.
Yet all the therapies, medicines, and new age philosophies trying to solve our problems (the ones they created), run inevitably into God’s law. They do research that tells them what a kindergarten child could have, that walking off cliffs is dangerous to your health. But they cannot tell people not to do this since that would impinge on peoples freedom of individual choice, which is the sacred cornerstone of this cultures values, and would imply an over-riding standard which applies to every person. They cannot force people to do anything. Meanwhile there’s a whole group of people demanding this information not be let out – in fact demanding that the message be that there is no correlation between walking off cliffs and any negative health effects.

There is none other more expert in promoting denial of this kind than the powerful homosexual propaganda machine which, among many other devious activities, successfully exerted pressure to forbid any educational, medical, or government institution to admit the obvious, medically-documented correlation between the AIDS epidemic and homosexual behavior. They are rampant and ruthless in their incursions into public education – allowed to “teach” their perversions to elementary school children as valid alternatives. In years past they would have been tried and hung in the public squares for defiling innocents.
And yet the truth stands. Man was not made for Man. Man was made for Woman. No man will change God’s law. Cultures throughout history that have tried to ignore his law have in every instance been destroyed.

The verdict is in. The evidence speaks for itself. Those responsible for America’s cultural downfall are the ones so busy pointing the fingers and yelling the loudest against those steadily holding out the answers – the same that have been held out and held onto for centuries. We don’t arrogantly presume to be the authors of God’s law – nor do we believe it’s within our right to change it, as do so many of the finger-pointers. We simply point out that no person or culture or government has the right to tolerate what the God of the Universe has called intolerable. Nor can we hope to survive as a culture without the blessing of that one God.
They violently accuse us as intolerant while stridently working to erradicate our right to express our views or any view that counters their own warped ones, refusing to tolerate anyone or any organization which doesn't kow tow to their pressure to acknowledge the "legitimacy" of their perverse lifestyle. They label us as bigots, hate-mongers, and demand special treatment and exclusive (and unconstitutional) "rights" be granted them while they continue their crusade of hatred, mis-information, and lies. The founders of this country look down in shock at what has happened to their ‘grand experiment’. Many of the them had clearly warned of the dangers of a democracy devoid of religion and morality. Here is a minute sample among hundreds of similar quotes:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

“The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts” John Jay

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments” James Madison

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Ben Franklin

Well the evidence of the last fifty years has born out the truth of these statements in sober detail. We see those details every night on the news, we experience them in our lives. We as a society are becoming increasingly unvirtuous. Those that say otherwise are simply blind, stuck in the denial of this age. Only a radical return to the truth and values that make countries great, that made this country great for 200 years, will save our nation from what it is quickly and irrecoverably becoming - 'the land of debris and home of depraved'.

"Who am I to Judge?" - The principle that no man has the right to judge another is in today's culture universally mis-applied to imply that there is no standard of behavior which applies to all people. This is a lie. If we followed the reasoning process through (which is being done to ridiculous and extreme consequences), we would find ourselves without any basis for any legal system - anarchy would be the result (we're seeing it now), followed by extreme government control. The principle laid down by Jesus himself was used to apply to an individual unrightfully condemning his brother. It was certainly not meant to mean the eradication of God's law which clearly brings judgement on those who break it. The same Jesus who said 'do not judge' declared that he did not come to do away with the smallest part of God's law, but rather to fulfill it.

Gay Shame:
A response to Our Local "Gay Pride" Day.
Local Media Initially covered this event in glowing, positive terms (Here and Here) conveniently omitting certain details...Here is a brief description by a Christian who was at the event, held at centrally-located Wisner Park. He and six other Christians were arrested for being there (They were silent but wore shirts that identified themselves as Christians and then laid down in front of the main stage as a sign of repentance before God):

"...These people (the homosexuals who staged the event) invited familes, mothers and fathers and children to their event that culminated with nearly two hours of drag queens and drag kings, thrusting, girating and grinding dressed in provocative clothing and this was what they wanted the children to see and enjoy? All this outside on a Saturday afternoon!..."

Update: This story has recently received national coverage as the top story on Online Conservative News Giant WorldNetDaily.Com (click for story), which claims 8 million website hits a month.

My Letter To Editor of Local Paper:

Taking Pride in What is Shameful:
The Comical “Mad Magazine” once featured a picture of dog poop covered in a swarm of flies with the caption “10,000 flies can’t be wrong!”. This illustration has become to me a silly yet vivid illustration of the ridiculousness of judging value based on public opinion.

Homosexuality will never be right or valid no matter what the current tide of public opinion, no matter how steeped in political correctness our culture becomes, and no matter how many government leaders who incorrectly define the issue in terms of “tolerance” versus “bigotry” embrace it. It will remain what it always has been - a perversion from the law of God. And this law is not open to alteration or amendment by any person. To join hands in the name of tolerance for homosexuality is to join hands together against God and His law.

Historically, our society would never even have seriously considered the issue of accepting homosexuality. And yet since the 60’s, society has followed a path away from belief in God and objective standards and towards the view that man has the right to decide for himself what is right and what is wrong, what is tolerable and what is unacceptable. History teaches that societies that follow this path invariably bring about their own destruction. This seems so blatantly evident in light of the current state of our own culture. Who can dare make the case that 21st century “tolerance-based” Americans are forging a better society than that built by our church-going, God-of the Bible believing, “bigoted” ancestors? The cultural shift away from objective truth and toward the ‘anything goes’ idea of today’s relativism correlates directly with our own cultural degeneration as measured by the increases in every social ill now plaguing us.

And contrary to homosexual propoganda, standing for truth in the face of an ever-increasing and destructive lie in the hopes of helping to save culture from its downward spiral, does not equate with hate. If we do not stand against it then as individuals and as a society we are silently accepting and approving it.

Consider that the same creed of tolerance by which homosexuals seek validation is the same used by groups such as NAMBLA to justify their acts. If society continues to accept the lie that man, not God has the final authority as to what is to be tolerated (by not forcefully rejecting it), this country, culture, and city will continue to slip further under a dark cloud, without the blessing of the one God. And next year it may be ‘Celebrate Molesters Day” in Wisner park.


There are so many issues uncovered by the recent homosexual debate now being discussed in our local papers online message boards...(media coverage, free speech, freedom of religion) which was originally sparked by “Gay Pride” Day and a Christian presence/arrest there. One that merits discussion is the smokescreen of 'hate speech' and the buzzword 'tolerance' as it is applied to those who advocate the various pro-homosexual /anti-Biblical views.

What is clearly evident from reading many of the responses and from the direct verbal assaults by homosexuals against those with opposite views silently present at the "gay pride" event, is that those claiming the side of “tolerance” clearly are/were the most hateful in their use of expletives, name-calling (bible-thumpers, bigots, jesus freaks ...) whereas most, if not all the letters quoting Scripture (against homosexuality) simply state their view without the mean-spirited personal attacks... The pro-gay/tolerance group claims they are the ones victimized by hate and in need of special protection (purportedly from the ‘hate-mongering’ Bible believers). Would those advocating a Biblical worldview also be protected under this new set of laws? (with the afforementioned names on the 'offensive' list? - On a historical note, most if not all the founders of this country today would be labeled as “Bible-thumping bigots”.) Of course they would not be protected. Why? Because it has become about pc progaganda and not truth.

The PC media incorrectly defines the issue in simplistic 'tolerance' vs 'bigotry' terms but people are now seeing that those that claim tolerance are in many cases the same who are doing the hating. And those advocating a Biblical worldview have the same right to express views, be represented accurately in media, and be 'tolerated' as anyone else. It is clearly not the case that most Bible-believers hate homosexuals nor has that view been expressed by the majority of those writing. What is becoming very clear, especially at days like "gay-pride" events is the amount of hatred against Biblical truth and those that advocate it from those on the side of "tolerance".

Here are a few Biblical References concerning homosexuality...
"Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God." I Cor. 6:9-10

This affirms also that homosexuality is not a “genetic predisposition” as we so often hear but is something that God can change through his power, just as he can change anyone.

" 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." Lev. 18:22 "Now the men of Sodom were wicked and were sinning greatly against the LORD…" "…Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the LORD out of the heavens." Gen 19

"The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves." Is 3:9

These last two passages clearly show the danger of a culture accepting something that God calls detestable. And this is why I and many others are against what homosexuals so stridently demand: public acceptance of something which God clearly calls wrong.

And Still More Follow-Up....

Julian Raven, the leader of the group arrested at "Gay Pride Day" was asked to write a guest Editorial to Our Local Paper. In it he challenged the leaders of the homosexual community to a civil, public debate on the issue. His excellent letter appears Here

I agree with Mr. Raven. This issue is not about a few people gathering in the park - it's about the clash of objective truth with what is becoming te official state religion of 'political correctness'. Everything from the arrests of innocent people, to the slanted media coverage, to city leaders embracing the event, to the barrage of hatred expressed in these forums of late from those on the 'tolerance' side all point to the same conclusion: it is 'tolerance' vs faith.

If we as Americans are free to speak from our own view, why is it we Christians are being hated for doing so? Why are we being forced (through government, education, media, etc.) to accept the view which claims to 'tolerate' all views but in reality is Anti-Christian to the core and does not 'tolerate' our view (though it is the historical foundation of this country and the reason for its success). While claiming to be tolerant, it is evident that homosexuals in particular stridently insist on forcing their perverse and destructive views on all. I believe they will never debate Mr. Raven, since there is nothing for them to stand on.

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Proposal for New National Holiday:
"Stupid Week":

Celebrate Stupidity:
Why don’t we declare next week to be ‘make fun of stupidity’ week?

Here’s what I mean: everytime we see something that is stupid, let’s go out of our way to NOT pretend it’s normal (like we have grown accustomed to doing), not to pretend that we are really okay with it, not to pretend that it is incumbent on us to look the other way and somehow adjust to learning to co-exist with it. Instead, let’s do what we always feel like doing whenever we are confronted with the current expressions of lunacy which have pervaded all facets of our society.

The next time someone offends you, don’t fall prey to the lie that they are not being offensive – but that YOU sir, would be offensive (and probably an intolerant, narrow-minded old person as well) if you said anything about it. No – go on the offensive (so to speak).

Phrases such as the following may be helpful in getting you started:

“What the heck is the matter with you???? Do you really think you don’t look like anything but a complete and absolute idiot wearing your pants half-way off your butt? Do you think you have the right to indecently expose yourself and advertise the fact that you’re a complete buffoon in front of my children or anywhere but in your own home???

Or: When you’re waited on in a restaurant by a young girl with a baby pin stuck through her tongue – say “would you like me to call the ER for you?? It looks like you’ve had a serious accident while you were changing your babies diapers”

Or: “I am now telephoning the police on my cell phone so they can come arrest you for having your radio pounding out that jungle noise that you think is music at 200 db through your car stereo at the gas station. You are in clear violation of the following laws (found in virtually any American municipality) Disturbing the peace, inciting a violence, Indecent, corrupting a minor (in public, children can hear vulgar song lyrics just as well as anyone else).

Speaking of music…
“Should I call your case worker at the Mental Health Unit????” (in reference to any type of the current brand of violent, raucous noises (again disguised as pop music) designed to incite the most hateful, agitated responses from it’s listeners (you know the kind I mean – where morons of all shapes and sizes scream and utter ridiculously obscene words along with pounding drums and guitars with indiscernable melodies). In this situation, you may not be able to be heard above the noise – so something that is just as good at getting the point across is ripping a speaker out of the back of their trunk, perform a large series of windup motions and then fling it as high in the air as possible (preferably over a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt). This method is recommended when you have a few of your buddies with you.

Let’s go out of our way, my friends, to pretend for one week, that people that act like morons and expect the rest of us to just “deal with it” are truly the ones that need to be exposed and in any way reprimanded in direct proportion to the lunacy of their actions. Those wonderful creatures appearing with increasing frequency in our society that publicly display the fact that they have no redeeming values but to express their aversion for real values through music or dress or speech or any other way - that they are the strange ones, not us. Let’s pretend that most people in society really aren’t insane (yet) and that there is still some vestiges of common sense, reason, morality, and decency that is still legal and being practiced right on the streets in the USA (but unless we actually practice those things, they will be outlawed).

And right along with this expose of stupidity, let’s demonstrate how it really should be (and how it was). Let’s speak with respect, let’s look out for our neighbor, let’s pray in public (we need God now more than ever since the morons outlawed him), let’s take personal responsibility for our own actions. The funny thing is, that used to be how things actually were – long long ago in a galaxy far far away – the galaxy known as the US.

Can you imagine 40 years ago someone getting applauded for announcing that they are homosexual? Can you imagine teenagers having the right to take their parents to court? Can we imagine the barage of horrific stories – murders and suicides and mothers who drown their infants that make up the regular scheduled 'newsTainment' on any nightly cable news broadcast? Or how a current favorite - the nauseating obsession with all things sexual and perverted. If any of the founding Fathers were to visit our planet in the 60’s, they would be convinced that the martians have landed. If they were to visit today, they would be convinced that they have taken over. If this is enlightenment please turn the light off- it’s killing my eyes – and it’s destroying our nations souls.

But back to stupid day. Imagine that for one week we regard people as “brash, daring, independently-minded”, or in a word “cool” - who go to church on Sunday, don't listen to trashy music, don't watch Sitcoms, don't swear in public to make a point, and who refuse to put the company-approved “gay friendly” emblem on thier cubicle at work because they refuse to accept the state-mandated politically-correct religion (don’t we still have that right?) that states that homosexuality is just one of many “valid sexual expressions”. Yes, and abortion is just another expression of murder.

If you really need statistics to prove to you that the “values” we’ve taken on don’t work at sustaining a healthy society, then you are hopelessly lost already. Instead, perhaps reflect for a minute on the fact that 40 years ago kids strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up their classmates wasn’t considered an acceptable pastime.

Consider that people actually stayed married and that more kids than not didn’t have sex as soon as they had the urges to. (Neither did society have the problems caused by our “sexually free” society – unwanted babies and abortions (“enlightened” societies answer to that problem) and welfare moms and dead-beat dads and etc. etc.). Thank the sexual ‘revolution’ for that – it is truly revolting.

Consider that back then society had less than half the laws we do today and less than ¼ the crimes committed (maybe tells you that crime isn’t solved with more law, it’s solved by a return to the values that we used to believe). You see, if a person believes it’s wrong (not inappropriate mind you, or un-constructive, or not in ones best interest, or that it would result in undesirable consequences if one got caught doing it…but actually wrong – as in God says it is wrong for humans to do this) to steal someones identity so I can cash checks that I “found” in the front of his car at the parking lot of the grocery store, then we wouldn’t need to be so vigilant in guarding against it with cops and survellance systems and four forms of ID and retinal scans. I now have to give a thumb-print when I cash a check. “It’s for my own protection” I’m told. Well how were we protected in years past before all this societal security? We weren’t protected because we didn’t need it. Because people by and large believed in self-governance by adhering to God's law – they knew it was wrong to do such things – that belief permeated our society and its institutions. Since God has been outlawed, there is now no basis for people to restrain themselves other than perceived self-interest.

To Be Continued...

"I Murdered My Baby"

This is a response to Planned Parenthood's Campaign to distribute T-shirts proudly proclaiming "I had an Abortion" to teenage girls (See Here), with the stated goal of teaching them that abortion is not something shameful. I suppose they would have every young would-have-been mother stand proudly that they exercised their "reproductive right" without being swayed by the guilt or shame that accompanies killing innocent God-given life.

Why don't we give girls shirts that tell it like it is: "I murdered my baby"

The "right to my own body" propaganda that has been broadcast from the feminist ranks is the lie that has led millions of young girls to commit the indecent act of ending multitudes of innocent lives - God-given lives which no man, woman, or government has the right to end. The feelings of guilt and shame are those which naturally accompany this breaking of God's law.

The added shame is that our children are now being conveyed the message that it is a 'virtuous' and 'courageous' thing to stand for the so-called "right" to murder one's baby.

When we decide that saving our society is more important than not offending people, maybe we will (again) teach the truth - that certain principles and laws exist which are not subject to human revision. To ignore them is to invite death and destruction - the same we are now witnessing on an increasing scale in our society.

"Invasion of the Soul Snatchers"
Perverts, criminals, hedonists, deviants, etc. have always been with us... but at no other time in America's short history have they sought LEGITMIZATION on such a grand scale - have they sought to literally take over. And at no other time, have they had the opportunity. Our pop culture iconizes them as tough, cool, emuable, while our government, educational institutions and media have bought the propaganda of political-correctness over reason and objective truth.

Our culture, now “freed” by the 'sexual revolution' has produced so many 'experts': psychologists, phds., and even 'theologians' offering their voice validating all these 'alternative expressions' - the same that bring so many 'alternative diseases' (also Here).

The judicial system has perverted the constitution beyond all original meanings, declaring right wrong (removal of faith from public sphere) and wrong right (abortion) as two major examples.

At no other time has CULTURAL RELATIVITY (believe whatever you want, as long as it isn’t that bigotted Christianity) and the euphemistic notion of "tolerance" been so widely accepted and shoved down our societal throats as the state-approved religion of choice. At no other time has ARROGANCE, DEFIANCE AGAINST AUTHORITY, and SEXUAL LICENSE become our national VIRTUES with pop icons like “50 cent”, Britney Spears, etc. leading the way. Gone are the days of 'respect others' and 'respect authority' or 'believe in God'. Our creeds have become ‘respect yourself’’, ‘believe in yourself’, ‘obey your thirst’ etc. etc. Those with contrary beliefs (what people used to believe in America) are labled old, old-fashioned, bigoted, and weak. At no time has the level of virulent hatred been so high against Christians and faith-based groups who dare even hint at the notion of objective truth and God’s fixed law. What lies. The Faith and values the Founders and the vast majority of this countries citizens believed were not weak in any way. In place of this faith the American man in his blind state of ignorance, has appallingly decreed himself the lord of his own universe, able, by virtue of human ingenuity, scientific discovery, technology, etc. to declare for himself what is right and what is wrong (or that there is no such thing as right or wrong). The virtues America espouses today are those which civilizations throughout world history have crumbled on.

These invaders are not peacefully standing by just wanting to live in quiet co-existence with the rest of normal society - they are bent on destroying society by telling – by demanding - from our government and it's institutions the "right" to voice their warped views, forcing their indoctrinations and perversions into being legalized and accepted as the chic, the normal, the correct. And all others erradicated.

The results are in: Consider that since the "sexual revolution" and the time of the removal of prayer in schools (two events that signify a turning point in the cultural values of our society), every measure of social ILL has increased by exponential degrees (teen suicide, divorce rates, drug addiction, alcoholism, violent crime, abortion, etc. etc.)... Not just gradual increases - sharp, precipitous, exponential ones...

Do we really need charts, graphs, and statistics to tell us that our society is going to the dogs? You only have to live here to understand that the phrase "the land of the free, and the home of the brave", is more of a quaint tradition belonging to another era, now sung before sporting events increasingly becoming reminiscent of Roman gladitorial contests. We are becoming shamelessly hedonistic, self-absorbed, and sensually-sated. We have become a society obsessed with all things vain and shallow - our entertainment industry increasingly grinds out their movies, tv shows, and music offensive to sensible humans, with the coarse, the sleazy, the base, and the vile - neatly packaged and marketed as glamorous, glitzy, chic, and sophisticated, but all with the underlying message of self-absorbtion, sexual gratification, throwing off of restraint, etc , etc. This is the way all cultures throughout history have gone before their downfall/total destruction. America will be no exception. Obsession with all things sexual has reached new highs (or lows) in pop culture, whose values have degraded to the lowest denominator by elevating the vile aspects of human nature and demeaning the good.

The effect of this barage of forces combines on the young minds of our society and, devoid of any other influences to counter them (home, church, school), would turn them into moronic zombies - the same that drive down the road with 200 decibel sub-woofers broadcasting the latest version of militant anti-society hatred or graphic sex or whatever happens to be selling the most CD's this week. And our "heros", once men and women of truly noble character who held beliefs that were truly valuable, now are the "anti-hero" of the pop icon, the trash-talking arrogant professional athlete with a drug and attitude problem - "yes, Jonny, be just like him", the latest movie star whose sexual indulgences are regularly reported by trashy tabloids and cable news channels and female pop divas whose performances mimic strippers or sex clubs. It is the nature of these evils that once they are let loose with no restraining influences from other voices in society, there will soon be no more society left.

“In a time of deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act!" ~George Orwell
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