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Forcing Your Religion
A common phrase heard in our culture today is “forcing your religion down my throat”. And from my observation, this phrase is almost always applied (obviously in a derogatory sense) to Christians of varying denominational labels, who purportedly spend their energies insisting and coercing everyone around them to adhere to their beliefs. Furthermore, this derogatory epithet is often applied to Christians who even as much as mention, reference, or state anything pertaining to their faith. There is an increasingly high level of animosity toward Christians in our culture, supposedly because of our perceived incessant religious coercive activities, while ironically, an open-minded acceptance of people and cultures of almost any other religion. I will examine why in a moment. Proponents of the notion of ‘tolerance’ as it is commonly used, purport (to one degree or another) that theirs, in contrast to Christianity, is the view of open-minded, accepting people, while Christians tend to be small-minded, intolerant, unenlightened, and generally just a big uncontrollable mob of obtuse bigots. Furthermore, they would have us believe that our culture is divided up into two separate groups: one advocating the Christian “religion” versus ‘normal’ (un-religious) people who are more tolerant...Continued
What is Your Soul?
I believe the soul is the most important possession we have. Simply state, it is the part of us that has the ability to feel. We live in a culture that is more conscious of its emotions than ever before – which (I believe) is simply to say that we have become aware that our souls are important. A number of scriptural passages support both of the statements I just stated. Jesus asked the rhetorical question: “What can a man give in exchange for his soul?” In … He implies that it is possible (inadvertently or through carelessness) to lose ones soul by allowing oneself to be consumed by material wealth or destructive self-indulgence. Continued
Perverts, criminals, hedonists, deviants, etc. have always been with us... but at no other time in America's short history have they sought LEGITMIZATION on such a grand scale - have they sought to literally take over. And at no other time, have they had the opportunity. Our pop culture iconizes them as tough, cool, emuable, while our government, educational institutions and media have bought the propaganda of political-correctness over reason and objective truth.
Our culture, now “freed” by the 'sexual revolution' has produced so many 'experts': psychologists, phds., and even 'theologians' offering their voice validating all these 'alternative expressions' - the same that bring so many 'alternative diseases'(also Here)...Continued

A Dialog of Faith - unapologetic apologetics
I: it seems to me that religious people are... weak-minded and just use thier religion as a crutch to get through their life. And there has been so many wierd, abusive things done in the name of God and Jesus, that its really sometimes hard to believe in the God they portray. They don't support ther own witness very well.
J: I agree that many people have failed in their attempts to live by thier faith in God - just as many people fail in representing their country-by being a corrupt politician, or thier company - by being a bad employee. That doesn't necessarily invalidate what they are representing - it just says they arn't committing themselves fully to that representation: they arn't all what they say they are...Continued
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