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One of the ultimate values of today’s humanists and of our current youth culture is complete self-expression (what they call it). Which, to a generation raised on MTV and single-parent households, gameboy, and and generally without the vaguest shred of instruction in God’s fixed standards, means emulating the behaviors of the latest pop star, like the people on MTV dance party, and the teen culture of myspace etc. which advocates the view that you have the right to express any and every urge that is inside you.

In the world of computers they have a saying called garbage in, garbage out (meaning that computers will only do what they’re programmed to. Bad programming= bad output) The same rule applies (unfortunately) to humans. It’s true, we’re only as good as our programming. So what we have is a generation of people ‘expressing themselves’ – which is only to say they are spewing back the sum total of all the garbage our great society has had to offer them over the last 20 years or so in the form of …. Put your 2 year old in front of rugrats for a few hours and soon they will be acting like them. Let your preteen daughters watch Brittany and Madonna and every other slut ‘diva’ pushed down their throats by the pop-culture pimps in LA and NY and soon they will be mimicing the writhing sexually-charge movements of the same - and who do you find they want to be like? Laura Ingles Wilder? Guess again. But if you were to sum up our culture in all its glorification of what amounts to vain pursuits at best and obsession with total depravity at worst, what you get could be described (and would be described, I believe, by the likes of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson) as a bunch of freaks.

Put a pin through your nose, tatoos on your butt, wear tight jeans and provocative, revealing clothing (who cares if you’re 50 pounds overweight?), drive around town listening full volume to ‘music’ that sounds as if it’s a part of the mating rituals of the burumba flesh-eaters. This is Cool. This is self-expression. Rebel against all norms. Dennis Rodman, Prince, Michael Jackson, 50 cent, even Charles Manson – let’s study him, find out what makes him tick, in essence, let’s glorify evil, make it appear stronger than good (eg, Since around the early 80’s it seems, any movie fight scene which pits the ‘good guy’ against the ‘bad guy’ inevitably portrays the bad guy (or bad being) almost always beats the living tar out of the “hero” before the good guy finally, just before he’s ready to expire, get’s lucky and happens on a pitchfork or something to catch his opponoent by surprise and finishes him off.)

It is only that all this behavior is becoming the norm (because everyone is doing it),and so how much is it really an expression of ones individual self and how much is it a reflection of some common ideology (alternatively, idiotology) that has been collectively swallowed by the youth (mostly) of this generation? In their search to find their own self, they have together become the same.

Somewhere there’s the sound of evil laughter (aside from the Madison Avenue cigar smoking execs) as a devil looks down on all the pawns of his making. Of course, this was all part of a greater plan. Step by step, over the timeline of our nations great rise, seeds of our demise were planted wherever we allowed them to grow. The demon smiles. Now those seeds have grown up – cultur has believed the lies, swallowed them hook, line and sinker. Believing themselves free, they have all become blind to the world of destruction they are entering, engineered by the forces of evil: “Target the youth. The youth know less than the previous generation and are more pliable. Soon they will be the most ardent followers. They will know nothing else. And the old ones soon will be out of power and will die. Time is on our side (he he he – (evil laughter)).”

You see, ‘self-expression’ to a person raised on Madonna/Britney (sex) and Marilyn Manson (anti-society, death-glorification), 50 cent/eminem (violence, rebellion, rascim, the ‘anti-hero’ image of man) etc. is merely the encouragement and enablement of evil to manifest itself through humans, the very thing that evil, by it’s nature seeks and has saught to do since the garden of Eden. Previous generations understood that these impulses of human nature were to be controlled, held in check, resisted. Now, the humanist ideal of ‘self-expression’ ignores all that, claiming an psychologically enlightened view of human nature and emotions, it validates giving full expression to any and every urge and impulse, viewing them as springing from some exalted view of human nature.

In the last five years MySpace.Com, the biggest online hangout for people in general and teens in particular, has become an enormously successful ‘social networking’ website. Why has it become so popular? Because, it is where teens can guess what? Express themselves… I’ve found it very often the case that people with the most opinions are the ones with the least knowledge. This isn’t a slam on youth as much as it is a factual statement that youth know less than older people, because they are young. But the dark forces and madisoin ave execs seem bent on convincing them otherwise

I thumb through a “Blender” magazine which pictures the latest pop/rock musical “artists” and see without exception portrayels of anti-society, anti-norm, images which glorify the despair of this age, decadence in every flavor, along with (what used to be called) perversion (now “alternative expression”. I wonder if in 10 years serial killers will be classified as an alternative …) given full acceptance as valid and even ‘chic’, the exaltation of criminal violence, self-worship and overall, every expression of man that reflects the opposite of God and his law…
It seems that the new rule for pop culture has become freakish = cool.
It is totally accurate to say that this image of freakishness expresses the core of the humanistic message. Because, at it’s core, the humanist, (claiming that man is the center of the universe versus God), is taking an implicit stand against God by taking a stand against all His fixed standards/norms for human behavior. Freakishness is a statement of rebellion against any of those norms, percieved or real – and hence against God Himself.

It is not surprising then, that Humanists have done well at portraying their enemy as people and establishments that are stuffy, rigid, inflexible, close-minded and somehow collectively devious. But that it is a lame smokescreen from the real target of their rebellion. The ultimate criticism of one in the 60’s was to be called ‘square’, today as mentioned, it is the curse of prude or more specific targets ‘right-wing’ fundamentalist, bible-thumper, religious biggot, etc. etc.. or anything and anyone that seeks to stifle this notion of ‘free expression’ which is the answer to all our problems. If we all were just creatively free and uninhibited individuals, all the problems would be solved.

The Squares and The Prudes
The rebels against the establishments of the 60’s created a great movement of speaking out against the ‘squares’ and then taking that a step further as justification (somehow) to excuse them from adherance to any notion of fixed law or morality. Do you see the correlation? I don’t either. Actually, the correlation is this: “These squares who have proven themselves devious or imcompetent or both are really the authors and enforcers of law and morality, and since we have proven them to be hypocrites, we don’t have to adhere to either law or morality”. The mistake, of course, is that man, even a good man, is not the author of morality and law – it is God. And from Him and it, you as a man, can never escape.

It is deep within our flawed human nature that this justification however, is always seeking to voice itself. There is a part of us humans that seek at any opportunity to throw off all constraints and to express and indulge the desires of that destructive nature. Of course, the 60’s in this country was just one very visible example of this. Today we have that expression all around us. We also have in essence, an unofficial state religion – a cultural creed which gives validation to this ideology. The same behaviors were once shunned by virtually everyone in respectable society (now mocked and labeled prudes by the new ‘enlightened’ generation) because they were recognized as running counter to God’s overriding law and as such, were capable of infecting and corrupting society if they gained any measure of acceptance. Fire was not to be played with.

The flower child’s answer to corruption in government was to load oneself up with LSD and have sex with everyone. Makes sense to me. Meanwhile what positive contributions did these acts provide to our society as a whole, especially toward solving the problems so poigently pointed out by the anti-establishment flower-children? In reality, their behaviors engendered their own set of social ills which has plagued us now in greater numbers than ever before: abortion, drug-addiction, death and disease, unwanted babies, not to mention a generation of estranged children trying to ‘find themselves’ (most of their parents never did).

Yet the children of the 60’s are still at it, trying to convince us that it’s the fault of the ‘establishment’ (even though they now have become the establishment in many cases) and that the answer is for us to just express ourselves more and to be tolerant and environmentally conscious and to not have war with anyone and to legalize marijuana. Each of these represents an interesting facet of the humanist belief. Tolerance is a misnomer because their definition of tolerance only tolerates those with similar beliefs (eg., not faith/based Judeo-Christian beliefs). Legalization of marijuana epitomizes the humanist solution to the problem of guilt. If breaking the law makes you feel bad, than get rid of the law. God forbid we should examine why some behavior is unlawful in the first place. Thier view of course, places the authority for establishment of law in the hands of humans (that’s where they believe it belongs) and not on a fixed unchanging God. Environmental consciousness is a convenient substitute for Biblical God-centered spirituality. Mother earth (and other new age concepts derived from paganism and eastern religion) does not demand adherance to any moral absolutes, is consistent with the man-debasing aspects of PC, and most importantly, denies that men are by nature obliged to live by any divine standard, nor are they in need of restoration to God because of our guilt and offenses against Him (The truth of Biblical-centered belief).

Rule by popular opinion
Since, by the humanist view, law is purely a man-made thing and is therefore subject to change, popular opinion at any given moment in our societies history becomes a vital directing influence on law and on cultural norms. These, (in case you’ve been on another planet for the last 20 years) have radically shifted, naturally reflecting the shift in core beliefs between only three generations.…..

The Guilt Problem
And all this guilt that’s been running around since the 60’s – we’ll find some kind of answer to it in our pyschologists or our meditation or our drugs or our new age religions because we know that it cannot be what the small-minded biggots say – that is, the result of disobeying God’s fixed laws. (More in a minute about the guilt problem.) The humanist claims that there is no such thing as God-given guilt – such that comes as a result of breaking His law, because that just doesn’t exist. That’s a throw-back to the days of religious, intolerant, small-minded puritans that needed to loosen up and have sex more. There’s no such thing as punishment for sin – we have declared that what used to be called sin is just another way of looking at things – we should not be so prudish (that ghastly word again), us Americans. Meanwhile the homosexual dieing in an AIDS clinic because he has broken God’s law and ‘received in himself the due penalty of his perversion’ will never obtain God’s mercy. Why? Because He does not perceive his need of it, nor does he believe his behavior as correlative in any way to his predicament– it has been validated by the humanist brainwashing.

My ethics professor was wrong – morality is for individuals, not just societies. I cannot abuse my own body without escaping the penalties of doing so because God holds me accountable for my actions, even if I do not affect any other person by doing them.

The humanist response: Well if we accept the validity of God created guilt, then wouldn’t it follow that all this ‘bad’ behavior as you call it, would have created such immense feelings of guilt and social ills by people over the last 50 years or so who have been ‘duped’ as you say, into believing they’re okay for breaking God’s law? Er, well – so maybe there is something there. Lets’ look at the statistics, since say 1962, a very definitive turning point in the beliefs of our society and legal system as a whole – it was in that year that prayer was banned from schools. (This, by the way, would have been unheard of to the founders of this country and for generations of church-attending, God-believing Americans since the beginning – prayer, God, and his unchanging laws were fundamental pillars of our society and her institutions – as much as they are not any longer. (The ignorant may look here for more on this*.)

Trading Values
But we really don’t need proof that youth culture in general is overall obsessed with sex in all it’s flavors and perversions, vanity, entertainment, etc. After all we live here, we see it every day. Youth culture – portrayed as being crazy and carefree, partying, acting zany and spontaneous, and just well, expressing themselves. These are the standards considered hip for teenagers: young girls being coy and sexy, even at very young ages, drinking, listening to loud radios with sexually charged lyrics (see the beginning again). And the adults are supposed to sit back and smile and say – “yep, kids – I remember when I was young too”.. Good clean fun. But for one thing – the adults are idiots. Does no one notice that there is a degradation going on? That within this expression, what has been handed and marketed to them as the youth lifestyle of choice, their system of values, their identity, their religion of self-expression, there is a great vacuum? It is a vaccuum of character traits and values once generally considered by generations and cultures past as being virtuous. In their place the nebulous ‘ideals’ of individualism, moral relativism (which includes the idea that I have the right to choose what is right and wrong for me), and free expression.
Because of this vaccuum and this substitution, a dearth of soul and spirit exists, created by the aforementioned eradication of God’s truth and law, and now, convincing ourselves we’re doing them a favor by allowing them (as 90’s ‘enlightened’ parents) to make their own choices, decide for themselves what is right – sounds so psychologically hip doesn’t it? The problem is that it is a lie.
Self-Indulgence A sampling of all ‘evil’ being targeted to our current youth culture could fill entire volumes: from beer commercials, to MTV, to retailers selling sleazy clothes to preteen girls, to Pop entertainers mouthing the blatantly sexual lyrics while demonstrating the moves (just so there can be no mistake) . What is amazing is the uniformity of the ‘gospel’ they’re all preaching. It’s like they must have all gotten together in a Madison Avenue basement and figured out what message will sell all their products the best – and someone got up and said “I know!”: “self-indulgence!”. Actually, they didn’t all get together on Madision Avenue – it just happens that they all work for the same boss (and they don’t even know it). It’s that evil being laughing again.

Again, the message everyone already knows – it’s been shoved down our throats for the last 40 years. Its tenets read something like: Party, be free, be young, be wild, have sex, experiment, don’t be a conformist (whatever that is anymore), there are no standards, you own this world, you have the right to be extreme, and brash and daring, old is bad, old is small-minded and fearful, youth really knows better, is more in touch with their own emotions. This quickly is translated into ‘don’t do what you’re parents did’, you’re smarter than them, don’t respect authority, (rather question it), don’t do anything because someone else tells you it’s wrong. These truly are the inputs the youth are receiving (the first “G” in GIGO). It is impossible to refute this.

The Onslaught
The spiritual vacuum created by a generation of baby-boomers (as parents) religious and moral uncertainty/ indifference has been immediately filled by forces that have no uncertainty about the message they are preaching, nor are they in any way indifferent. They are passionate and image-savvy, they convey their sound-bites in slick multimedia techno-noise, the domain of the youth. Convincingly, they make converts of your impressionable little ones in systematic lickety-split precision. Their message is echoed in a barrage of inputs everywhere one would go – school, TV, the malls, concerts .. at once and create the image that is currently ‘in’. In one sense, the kids don’t stand a chance.

The movie stars, the pop stars, the sports stars, the internet, the educational establishment. Who are they going to believe? You, the parent that never was - or the one on stage with millions of my peers almost bowing down to worship. They don’t even have to say a word, these evangelists – it’s all been said before – and it’s said implicitly, in the dress, the movements. May as well have a shirt that says “Have Sex and Be Popular”

If you’re a typical parent of the baby-boom generation, you have always grappled with life’s deep questions yourself – you don’t go to church, you don’t have any strong (read practicing) religious beliefs, and you don’t communicate well with your child – after all, you have enough trouble just coping with life or your divorce or whatever. And so you’ve find it easier to try to be Jimmy or Jenny’s friend instead of being their parent.
Gosh – you think - I’m a good parent. I bought her a cell phone, I monitor who she chats with on the internet (sometimes), I tell her to use protection (what a progressive, cool parent she must think you).
But while you’ve been going through your mid-life crisis or finally come to terms with having cordial visitation rights, you realize at some moment through the haze of your recollection of your child’s development years that you now have little if any influence over your child or worse, that your child no longer has any respect for you (if they ever did). But this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, as I said, typical adults of this generation are morally ambiguous – except for the wisdom of life experience, as the youth culture. What great advice can they possibly ‘hand down’ for them to face the problems they are just now facing ? (problems created by the moral void handed to them).

It’s interesting to hear a Father bred on 60’s humanism try to explain to his teen why some behavior is wrong. How can he? First of all, he doesn’t believe that there is a wrong or right (no moral absolutes), and secondly Daddy has spent his life in implicit or explicit rebellion against authorities that espouse such standards. And so how now can he convey this without becoming one of those (squares) himself? So while you hesitated over questions of God, objective law, and faith, and right and wrong, your children have no uncertainty (thanks to the humanists) over what they believe.

The only practicing religion of a lot of adults is the one of materialism, or the American Dream. Sadly, many parents are firmly entrenched in their own self-world of one form or another (money, materialism, prestige, pleasure) that they see nothing wrong with their children following after – except that the lie gets more extreme, more anti-God with each generation.

Since our country has become increasingly influence by humanism, it’s amazing to see what issues we are now grappling with – issues we seemed to have pretty much settled in previous generations. To see the end result of the humanists relativism, I truly recommend watching any episode of Dr. Phil. If it was in a futuristic movie, it would be funny – unfortunately, we have to tell ourselves that this is real. This has happened in my country. These kind of people really do exist. I’m living around people that truly believe that it’s okay to marry their step daughter or to raise their infant daughter to be the next Brittny Speers. I’ve begun locking my doors at night.

Here’s an interesting question. Would you rather live next to a 60’s neo-hippie that believes in free love, self-indulgence as the answer to life or a strict and in relative morality (eg, it’s okay in some instances to steal your neighbors tools), or a church-going couple of 65? How about – who would you trust to babysit your children? I would think even the humanists would choose the latter in both cases.

As I have implied, since the 60’s and before, the religion of self-expression, of self-actualization, of self-centeredness, of self-consumption, has taken root and grown. It is substitutionary of course, displacing the truth of our Creator which has more or less been central to our culture and government since William Bradford penned the Mayflower Compact and before (regardless of what revisionist historians would try to make us believe). God
Objective, plain ol God. Not ‘what you feel God is’ or ‘how I like to see God’ but the real one, the one that’s been around before us and the one who wrote the rule book on human behavior. But that’s too much for a generation raised on relativism. Rules. Ughh.. That means we have to conform and be responsible (two taboos of the new religion of self-expressive individualism).
So what is the great difference, really between the two? How has our country shifted so much and in what measurable ways do we behave that differently than our previous generations?
The truth whose foundation is based on an awareness of God and his fixed principles advocates a personal lifestyle of self-control vs indulgence, faith in the God as described in the Bible vs belief in whatever you feel God is. Additionally, respect for authority vs complete exemption from all authority, or self as the final authority. Belief in fixed truth based on Christian God vs equal validity given to all forms (except the Christian God)
To those running around with the latest body-piercing in places never before attempted, it may be very disappointing to realize that in doing these things, they are really not ‘being their own person’. They are actually being led around by something bigger than themselves – they are a pawn, being played by a being of evil that wishes all people to be similarly led around. He is the inventor of the lie of individualism and self-expression because he knows this to be just another medium for rebellion against the true God.
Why is it people do such things? To whom are they rebelling? To whom are they making a statement? It is to God and to His law, that which causes people to be at peace with their creator and to live in harmony with those around them.

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