There doesnt seem to be any way out of this place...
We are left alone as long as we comply - but we are forced to do the work, forced to obey the commands, to recite their mantras, buy into the indoctrinations, live off the products and by the provided systems of the controllers - under threat of total loss of what we have been told is our ‘freedom’. We are therefore seemingly in a state of depedence on them for eveything we do..

We are blackmailed with the threat of total destruction to our present, ‘comfortable’ lives, and the those of our loved ones if any try to escape from under their influence. Apparently, our captors, these controllers, exert their control everywhere - or they at least have convinced everyone they do. They are therefore able to force compliance to their "norms" (which they have been able to establish not only here, but entirely throughout the culture) using a variety of seditious means. These include various mind control technologies - and in this way they have gained allegiance on a wide scale to themselves and to their system, their beliefs, values, and religion - through the threat of being societally ostracized, financial hardship/ruin, and disqualufication from living what has becone the societally-approved and acceptable lifestyle. Yet this lifestyle is one of dependance on this system, this beast, which the controllers have instituted, and which involves adherance to and acceptance of all it’s values. It in short demands that all bow down to this beast.

It is now the case that nearly everyone, from the time they are small children are placed under it's influence- trained and educated completely by them from the time they are very young – most parents are convinced to relinquish all rights and influence over their children and are instead obliged to give them over to the controllers indoctrination centers from a young age for the purposes of instilling the thought patterns of the controllers and their beast system (not that it matters that much to the parents, as they themselves have been convinced of the superiority of the system which they themselves serve and have subconsciously also pled allegiance to). Various devices are employed for these purposes as well. These devices, which are ubiquitous thoughout the culture, use subtle and overt brodacasts to continually re-inforce the values, thought patterns and will of the beast system into the citizenry, as well as ridiculing and disparaging any contrary values, beliefs, or behaviors. In this way, compliance is achieved, under the aforementioned means - threat of of peer rejection, etc., and through instilling “ideals” of materialism as the way to bringing inner fulfilment, the pursuit of mindless entertainments, inulgences in pleasures of all kinds which further to dull the individuals mental and spiritual senses and which lead to the enslavement to addictions and dependancies of varying kinds, etc.

A key strategy of the controllers is to divide households up, quashing any resistance which older ones might have through the memory or retention of contrary beliefs (eg, traditional religion, God’s law, etc) by the opposition of the younger, whose minds are more moldable, more impressionable to the bombarding influences of the beast, and whose cultural peers are farther removed from such contary ideals which their parents may have retained. When one is raised in a box, he does not know how to think outside of it – does not even know there is an option to do so. An artificial matrix of reality seems real until one has the ability to see outside it. And no one seems to have that ability.

The beast’s ideas are continuously reinforced throughout the culture - their representatives having gained access and power over every sphere - education, media, government, religion ...these thought patterns therefore form a consistent and never-ending, yet consciously imperceptible (to the average mind-controlled citizen) barrage of voices, inputs, depictions of behaviors, etc etc… which fill every part of the citizens existence, subconciously persuading them to reject all influences, beliefs, and values which do not align with that of the beast.

There is therefore very little left to resist the beast - religion has been replaced by psychology, education has been replaced by indoctrination into the beast ideas and system and kills an individuals ability to deduce and reason, true individual thought has been subjected to the ‘experts’ in various fields, all owned by the beast system, God has been replaced by the beast – which has deluded people into believing they themselves are their own gods. Some who would resist have beceome weakened in their ability to do so, in large part because of the prevelance of this deception, their own identity confusion and dependance, as well as the seeming universal influence of the evil brought about by the beast. There are many who claim to be free from the beast’s control and claim allegiance to God and his laws, yet in many cases they act and think and serve the same devices, thoughts, lifestyles, and ideas which the beast provides.

So the beast system – the god of this place - tells all how to act, what to buy, and most of all, who they are. This indoctrination, this loss of any contrary identity causes most to doubt every natural impulse which may arise within them to question their indoctrination - or to entertain any differing belief, idea, thought, idea or stimulii which would come through any “unapproved” source, ie, any that is apart from the interferance of the controllers and it’s beast system. People do not see therefore that it is the beast’s ideas and “reality” which leads them to enslavement and spiritual/emotional/mental degradiation and death. The effects of this is beyond what one can believe – the controllers have so convoluted the current generation, that many have been made to believe, for example, that they are actually females when they are males and vice-versa. They have likewise been duped into believing that to do the most in- human, unnatural, undignified, and/or bizarre behaviors is not only acceptable, but is actually an excercise of their human rights and some kind of free expression of their individuality - all the while they are unwittingly becoming more enslaved to the controllers and to the beast who use them to do exactly what they want them to.

Even as I speak, I see the beast and it’s effects everywhere I look, at individuals in trance-like states, staring at the machines which have totally taken over their minds – there is no individual thought, no communication, no real human interaction – little conveyance of emotions of compassion or warmth – just consumption with the never-ending entertainments, material trinkets provided by the controllers, the obsession with the delusional self-worship instilled by the beast through encouraging various vain pursuits with empty promise of power and prestige and wealth and continuous access to sensual pleasures. Families no longer interact, but dutifully seat themselves together to consume the broadcasts of the beast which is further degrading and destroying any sense of real human interaction or engagement of emotions towards each other. People are instead satisifed to be vicariously stimulated to live through the matrix of unreality presented for their entertainments.

This mind control is so effective, so complete, that the subject is made to actually believe that they are acting through their own individuality by doing these things. It has become the emboiment of the ultimate totalitarian state – except that no soldiers are required. People freely give up their wills, their lives, their souls, in service to the beast – and to be controlled through the false lies which have been foisted on them and which are continually there to control them.

I’m not sure where i was before or how i got here but i need to get back there..away from this place, away from these controllers, far away from this evil, depraved system, this beast....
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