Checklist for World Domination:
From The Global Elitist Training Manual

1) Destroy Ideals of Nationalism
a) Institute many to undermine national power through ideas of 'multiculturalism'

2) Denigrate Concepts of Moral Absolutism (As derived from belief in the Christian God)
a) make adherants of such to appear as 'old-fashioned',narrow-minded, imposing, etc.

3) Make sacred the concept of racial and class 'integration', using terms as 'multi-culturalism',
'diversity', etc. as a means to disparage "old" values and power bases which would favor Nationalism and/or fixed morality.

4) Use Constitutional Concept of Freedom of Speech to push:
a) moral anarchy

5) Destroy National Boundaries through economic dependance, weakining of military infrastructure, elevation of cultural beliefs which center on self-gratification and other practices which decay personal/cultural virtues (including patriotism)

6) Once Media and Educational institutions have firmly entrenched socialist atheist thought into accepted into the American Consciousness*, procede to number seven

7) Begin to legalize our beliefs, and outlaw ones that are contrary (ie, judeo-christian).
8) Erode moral absolutism and the concept that such an idea is valuable

- This will lead to slew of social problems which will eventually enable the gradual but permanent step nine principal:

9)State-control of virtually every facet of lives of citizenry.

10) Exhorbitant taxation/regulation of private business (and increased regulation in general), Increase power and scope of federal, state, county, local governements exerting and ever-increasing influence over the everyday lives of common Americans.

-- incentives for individual to be under the control of State.
11) Common world currency.

12) Disarm the People through various laws and programs headed under th e guise of 'crime
prevention' and 'child safety', etc., re-interpret second ammendment, use various terms for advocates of gun rights ('extremists', neo-nazi's, 'hate groups', etc.)

13) Disparage religion in general and gradually restrict its influence away from public view through invention of 'separation of church and state' principle.

14) Elevate the principle of humanist atheism through elevation of education, science, technology, politics, human achievement, etc.

and the gradual disposal of references to God or deities.

Elevate the principle that humans have the power within them to solve their own problems. Bring about the substitution of psychological thought and ideas for God-centered ideas and belief systems. 15) Elevate other religions (other than Christianity) (again under the guise of of multi-culturalism, tolerance, etc.)

16) Rewrite History using perspective of 'multi-culturalism' etc.
with inordinate attention given to non-whites and moral anarchists Along with this, disparage the character and beliefs of the "founding fathers" and undercut common beliefs (truth) regarding the purposes, motivations and intents of American leaders of the past. Spotlight socialists, anarchists, etc.

17) Defame contrary views (in media, educational institutions, politics, etc.) by labeling them as being 'extreme', narrow-minded, bigotted, hate-groups, subversive etc.

18) Redefine "rights" and Freedoms to mean the right to choose whatever one wants (see 14 and elevation of man as God).

19) Imposition of 'social order' through force, restriction of freedoms, searches, confiscation of weapons, etc. (by this point, having accomplished ideological domination through points one through 18 above, there will be little resistance on this front - most citizens will not resist, but will go along for the sake of their 'safety', etc.)

* Note that it is not necessary for the majority of the American people to accept these ideas, it is only necessary for them to believe that everyone else accepts them and that these are what the 'experts' have accepted. In other words, we appear the majority by influencing a minority in positions of power (media, education, politics, etc.)

positions of power and influence in politics, education, media
Word Substituion Guide:
Separation of Church and State
Freedom of Speech

Note: I quickly penned this about 18 years ago - having just come across it again on my computer, it was sobering to me how even more relevant it is today...
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